Carole Crowdfunded her legal costs illegally

Carole Crowdfunded her legal costs illegally

Co-conspirators point out that Carol Cadwalladar’s campaign agency “We are Citizens Limited” Register at Company House has been closed. This was done intentionally and not through disqualification or failure to file. The company was used as an umbrella for Carroll’s various campaigns, and the causes seem to be closing. Or at least they’re coming off one by this car.

Legally, under the Companies Act, once a Company’s Strike of Form is filed, the Company may no longer conduct business or engage in any other business activities. For all intents and purposes, business is closed. If your company continues to do business, you could face serious penalties. These punishments can include a directorship ban of up to 15 years. The assets of all companies that were not distributed before the company was dissolved became the property of the Crown ‘Unclaimed Products’. Therefore, it is important to make sure that all the financial aspects of the company are in order before filing a strike

“We are Citizens Limited” The strike was called off on January 12, 2022, and ended yesterday, April 12, 2022. He used it to raise thousands of pounds to finance the company at a time when all activities were to be shut down. “The forthcoming trial, and the preparation for the trial, is the most expensive part of the case. I would be very grateful for any further donations to help me at this critical juncture, or if you can share this fundraiser with your networks.” According to a written statement from Cadwalder to Crowdfunder on January 14, 2022. Guido’s perception of the law was that all of these funds were improperly solicited and should legally be the property of the Crown.

– At the time of publication – The active crowdfunding page is still soliciting and receiving donations. Guido contacted GoFundMe In this regard. They wonder what can be done …

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