Breaking: Imran Ahmed Khan has resigned as MP

Wakefield MP Imran Ahmed Khan on Monday pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy, after a jury announced his intention to resign as an MP. Full statement below. Exciting by-elections ahead …

I don’t know how to express the shock of the last three days. I have been identified as a sexual predator, excluded and worse.

A jury found me guilty of touching a foot on a garment with sexual intent.

I am appealing against the verdict given on Monday, March 11. While the legal process is ongoing, I don’t believe it will be normal It is appropriate to resign.

However, due to long delays in the legal process, my voters have already been without visible parliamentary representation for over a year. Even in the best case scenario, the expected legal process can take many more months.

So I have sadly come to the conclusion that it is unbearable for the people of the constituency to go year after year without an MP who can spread their voice.
In Parliament.

Representing them is an honor in my life, and they deserve it
It’s good to be.

As a result, I’m stepping down as Wakefield MP and leaving
Political life.

I will write to the parliamentary authorities soon to confirm this.

I am now able to give full attention to clearing my name. Since I want this to be my only statement, I want to apologize to my family and
The community blamed them for this insult.

Questions about the sexuality of my community are not trivial, and it was not easy to learn from the press about my orientation, alcoholism, and past behavior before I became an MP.

Imran Ahmed Khan

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