Boebert has proven that “fentanyl” is mostly a talking point for 2022

Congressman Lauren “Q * Bert” Boebert (R-ifle) He has no idea what he’s talking about when discussing the fentanyl issue in the state legislature this week. Boebert’s confusion probably won’t surprise anyone reading these words, but it’s instructive.

Boebert is about 180 degrees off here. As Faith Miller Of Colorado Newsline In reply tweeted:

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Anyone who is following the discussion can tell you that Colorado lawmakers are doing just that Quite the opposite What Boebert is complaining about. The law in question would increase fines for distributing fentanyl. Serious people are arguing about whether the punishment for possession of fentanyl is being changed Either way Will help reduce the illegal (and fatal) use of fentanyl in Colorado.

Perhaps Boebert is deliberately lying about the situation in order to get a few more re-tweets, although we argue that the simpler explanation is probably more: Boebert probably has no idea what is true and what is not. He just knows he’s going to cram the words “Fentanyl” and “Democrats” together in a negative sentence because it’s a message Republicans think could help them in 2022.

We have no doubt that there is Something Republicans who really want to solve this problem, but it’s not clear that the big concern for most of the GOP is to keep the narrative alive so they can hammer it out with a television ad in the fall.

Sometimes Boebert also tells the truth … not just intentional.

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