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Coronavirus information.

*Colorado Coronavirus Information:
CDPHE coronavirus website

* Number of coronaviruses per day in Colorado:

* How you can help in Colorado:

* Find a COVID-19 test site in Colorado:
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

3 It’s not over yet! According to the Associated Press, another cowardly wave is coming:

No one expects the height to be as high as the last when the contagious omicron version of the coronavirus spreads among the population.

However, experts warn that the forthcoming wave – caused by a mutant called BA.2 which is thought to be about 30% more contagious – will sweep across the country. They are concerned that hospital admissions, which are already lingering in parts of the Northeast, will increase in a growing number of states in the coming weeks. And the case wave will be bigger than it looks, they say, because the reported numbers are huge undercounts because more people test at home without reporting their infection or avoid testing altogether.

… The Northeast has suffered the most so far – more than 90% of new infections caused by BA.2 last week compared to 86% nationally. As of Thursday, Vermont, Rhode Island, Alaska, New York and Massachusetts had the highest rates of new covid cases per capita in the last 14 days. In Washington, D.C., which is also in the top 10 for new case rates, Howard University has announced that it is transferring most graduate classes online and to the institution for the rest of the semester due to the “significant increase in COVID-19 positivity” in the district.

3 Russia has sent a “diplomatic demarcation” to the United States demanding an end to arms shipments to Ukraine. From The Washington Post:

Russia sent an official diplomatic note to the United States this week warning that US and NATO shipments of “the most sensitive” weapons systems in Ukraine could “add fuel” to the conflict there and bring “unintended consequences.”

The diplomatic debate, a copy of which was reviewed by the Washington Post when President Biden approved a dramatic expansion in the range of weapons supplied to Ukraine, a 5 800 million package including 155mm howitzers – a serious upgrade to long-range artillery and a Russian upgrade to the Russian system. Go, as well as additional portable anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons and millions of rounds of ammunition.

The United States has also facilitated shipments of long-range air defense systems to Ukraine, including shipments of Slovak Russian-made Soviet-era S-300 launchers on which Ukrainian forces have already been trained. In return, the administration announced last week that the United States was deploying a Patriot missile system in Slovakia and was consulting with Slovakia on long-term replacement.

“Démarche” is like a fancy word for a diplomatic letter.

“Get off my lawn!”

3 Republican candidate for governor Heidi Heidi Ganahal It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Colorado Sun. A GOP Governorate Forum reports in the “Numerous” newsletter:

Ganahal was again asked by Dick Wadamus, former chairman of the Colorado GOP moderator, if he thinks the 2020 presidential election has been rigged. And, again, he did not answer the question directly.

“Joe Biden is our president,” he said before explaining how people need to feel confident in the electoral system.

When he finished his response, two people in the audience shouted “Answer the question!” And “You didn’t answer the question!”

“I did,” Ganahal said. “I did.”

Lopez, meanwhile, stood by his promise at a statewide rally of Republicans on Saturday to pardon Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters if he is elected and found guilty. He’s not really detailed.

The Golden Thursday forum seems to have been quite an event. At one stage Greg Lopez Apparently the advocate for the return of this television ad, when Ganahl told the crowd that Gov. Jared Polis A bullhorn should have been used to tell protesters by 2020 (after its assassination) George Floyd) That they just have to go home.

3 Meanwhile, the former Republican governor candidate Daniel Newswanger Embracing a ridiculous conspiracy theory about the old clickers, he seems to have said that he was excluded from the early June ballot.

3 The “long bill” is going to the government desk. Jared Polis. Colorado Newsline This year’s budget bill has more to do with what it has created.

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3 Right-wing mouthpiece Jimmy Senzenberger Wrote a column for Newsweek In which he lamented that Colorado Republicans shot themselves in the leg.

3 The Republican National Committee has officially voted to withdraw from the future presidential debate organized by the Presidential Debate Commission because people are bad to them, or something else. From KOAA News 5:

The Republican National Committee (RNC) on Thursday unanimously voted to withdraw from the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD).

The RNC claims that the commission is biased and “refuses to make common and common sense reforms to help ensure a fair debate.”

“We’re looking for new, better debating platforms so that future nominees don’t have to go through biased CPDs to present their case to the American people,” said RNC Chairman Rona McDaniel.

3 Democratic State Sen. Brittany Petersen CO-07 raised more than 600k during his first full fundraising as a congressional candidate.

3 Regarding fundraising, the current Democratic Sen. Michael Bennett After raising about 2.5 million in the first quarter of 2022, the bank now has $ 6.1 million.

3 This is just the tip of the iceberg from the Weld County Commissioner Lorry sign Since he is trying to win the Republican nomination for Congress in CO-08 ৷

3 The Denver Post A handful of new laws are broken in Colorado:

Health insurance coverage for fertility treatment, limitations on school board candidates’ grants, and the preservation of votes for those whose homes were destroyed were all signed into law by Governor Jared Police on Wednesday.

He also signed a bill that would allow bikes to promote stop signs and stop lights and powerline trails as stop signs.

3 The foreclosure reform law is moving ahead in the state assembly.

3 Florida Sen. Rick ScottThe chair of the National Republican Senate Committee (NRSC) was in Colorado this week to meet with the GOP chair. Christy Burton Brown And avoid naming GOP candidates for the U.S. Senate.

3 The closer we get to the June 28 primary, the more Republican candidates for secretary of state. Pam Anderson Will be converted Tina Peters.

3 Dr. as its editorial board The Washington Post Explains, Texas Govt. Greg Abbott His “border war” has gone too far:

Mr Abbott, who has not had too many stunts in his crusade to make political noises about immigration, has launched a harassment campaign targeting trucks carrying Mexican goods legally along the southern border. They are loaded with critical supplies for auto manufacturers, food and fuel wholesalers, household goods enterprises and other U.S. businesses.

These trucks have already been stopped and inspected at legal entry points along the border by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents. Nonetheless, the state of Texas military – not the authorities of authorized immigration enforcement agencies – is detaining anyone on this particular basis who is carrying banned or unregistered immigrants.

So far, there is no indication that Texas authorities have banned or hid immigrants in that truck; Most of their quotes were for violations like broken taillights. Presumably, the seizures have caused major delays for trucks carrying millions of dollars worth of goods across the border every day; Forcing other trucks to avoid Texas, adding hundreds of miles to their journey; And costs have risen for many companies that rely on timely deliveries. Which will increase inflation.

3 Republicans in the Red State are still working hard to solve a problem that they cannot prove they exist.

3 Corey WiseThe former Douglas County school superintendent was fired by a new Conservative school board earlier this year, speaking. From Denver 7:

Wise spoke publicly for the first time with Denver 7 on Thursday after his dismissal in early February – the same day his attorneys announced that they had filed civil rights lawsuits against the district and four board members who voted to dismiss him.

Wise’s attorneys filed a complaint Wednesday night with the Colorado Civil Rights Division and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, alleging discrimination against the district and four board members elected last November – Mike Peterson, Becky Myers, Christy Williams and Kelly Werner – because Wise. His association and support with students with disabilities and students of color, and Mr. Wise in retaliation and anticipation of being employed in protected activities.

Wise’s attorneys filed a complaint Wednesday night with the Colorado Civil Rights Division and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, alleging discrimination against the district and four board members elected last November – Mike Peterson, Becky Myers, Christy Williams and Kelly Werner – because Wise. His association and support with students with disabilities and students of color, and Mr. Wise in retaliation and anticipation of being employed in protected activities.

“You’re going in the opposite direction,” Wise said of how he felt after being fired. “You’ve lost sleep. Stress. You have sadness. Anger, depression – everything.”

3 Colorado lawmakers will return to work on a controversial fentanyl bill when the body reunites Monday after embarking on a journey for “Good Friday.”

অনুযায়ী According to the Politico report, Congressman Kevin McCarthy If Republicans could gain a majority in the US House of Representatives, they could inherit greater chaos than expected.

Tell me now?

That first question is an uncomfortable one.

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3 Charles HerbsterThe Republican candidate for governor in Nebraska who has approved Donald Trump, Women are facing multiple charges of beating.

মাধ্যমে Through Talking Point Memo:


3 Looking at the race for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination in Colorado, it looks like it will be a fight against the right wing of the GOP.

3 This week Get more smart podcastsInviting Christy Powell Joins Jason Benn To discuss the remarkable catastrophe that took place in the Republican Party State Assembly last weekend:

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