Aurora’s GOPutsch claims reformist police chief 7

Aurora Mayor Mike Kaufman with “Mini-Mike” City Councilor Dustin Zvonek.

We posted in response to the March 25 news report that the new GOP-controlled Aurora City government is conspiring to oust the city police chief. Vanessa Wilson, Which has been tasked with implementing landmark policy accountability reforms passed by the state legislature and has been made more mandatory after a heinous investigation into the department’s treatment of minority residents. As a result of the reforms, the culture clash within the department did not go down well, with a former police union leader fired for mocking departmental diversification efforts in an email from colleagues.

As Aurora Sentinel As reported today, an “investigation report” from a suspicious outside source that documented a chronic problem with backlog police reports – a problem Chief Wilson is working on in good faith to resolve by all accounts – was published yesterday, and every local news outlet Was reported with the outlet and the evening news flooded a few hours after the story:

On Wednesday morning, Aurora City manager Jim Tumbley fired chief Vanessa Wilson.

নেই Aurora Mayor Mike Kaufmann posted on social media on Tuesday that “there is absolutely no excuse for this, and the catastrophic failure of leadership within the department has compromised the safety of our residents.”

Daniel Zurinsky, who has been slashed as part of a plot to oust Chief Attorney General Wilson, linked the audit to a news article and said it was “a time of significant leadership change in the APD.”

Aurora PD chief Vanessa Wilson has been fired.

The Sentinel The editorial board blunts it with an opinion:

In their misleading attempt to oust Chief Vanessa Wilson from the Aurora Police Department, some of the city’s lawmakers are turning a serious police record problem into an unbearable defeat.

City managers retreated from the numbers later in the day, but not before Denver TV stations pushed the unchallenged headlines that Wilson’s police department was responsible for the unforgivable misdeeds.

[C]Honorable Republicans at Aurora City Council have worked diligently to weaken Wilson in a clear effort to stop the city’s critical policing. [Pols emphasis]

The public deserves clear, credible answers, and not political kabuki theater.

The part of the story that went unpublished throughout the day on Tuesday was that the man, the CEO of a city-appointed audit company, posted his hatred for regular police reform, Black Lives Matters, Liberal, President Joe Biden, Vaccination Mandate. Those who protest police brutality “wake up” community leaders, even the school for teaching history, which he denies.

As an excuse for Chief Wilson’s dismissal?

It’s a problem … because of the city manager’s own admission, which has been around for years. It’s a problem that just a few weeks ago City manager Jim Tumbley praised Wilson for his perseverance in trying to correct. [Pols emphasis]

The Sentinel Editorial does a compelling job Decrease credibility Author of the report published yesterday. For us, the timing of this setup could not have been clearer: after nearly two weeks of constant public speculation in the media about Wilson’s alleged impending departure and Wilson’s strong pushback against that rumor, “a frightening attack comes in the guise of officials. Surveillance.” In time Wilson took the lead in the shooting.

It’s a shameless game of power, and it’s becoming the norm because radical conservatives take power with an agenda that requires everyone to be ousted in a position to stop them – most recently the school district superintendent in Douglas County was fired. The same more promises to Republican candidates like 2022 Heidi Ganahal, Whose explicit promise has been eagerly met by the adversary. Daniel Newswanger Promises to lay off all staff in the state.

In Aurora, the consequences of the valuable complacency of an election are being accumulated What Chief Wilson was trying to implement in this scandal-ridden department is a challenge to police accountability reform.

This is the wrong side.

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