Ames Killer Handed Whole Life Order, Will Behind Jail

There is no excitement in our family today after this verdict. Our wonderful husband and father have been horribly and violently taken away from us. Nothing will compensate for this.

We will wake up every day and immediately feel our loss. We’ll struggle through each day for the rest of our lives. Our last thought before going to sleep would be David. We will shed tears forever for the man we lost. We will never be able to overcome this tragedy.

It broke our hearts that our husbands and fathers greeted the killer with friendly smiles and were eager to help. How bad it feels to think about what happened next. It is above evil.

We thank the police, especially the two officers assigned to the family during this difficult time. Thanks to our legal team who have worked so hard to ensure justice. Special thanks to many, many friends and family, and of course the general public, who have been a source of so much strength and love to us since David’s death.

Somehow, we have to move on with our lives now even though no one knows where to start.

We will mention the statement made by our family immediately after this tragedy. Our message remains the same. We appeal to everyone to treat their fellow human beings with kindness, love and understanding. It is needed more now than ever before.

We now want privacy to rebuild our lives as much as possible. There will be no more statements, interviews or actually any comments. We ask the media to respect this. Thanks.

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