Adam Frisch goes big against Boebert

Adam Fresh.

In a press release this morning, Democratic CD-3 candidate Dr. Adam Fresh The new GOP Akrosh-o-Matic is significantly advancing in the nomination race for the post. Lauren Boebert (Or its GOP primary opponent Dome quorumIn the event) in November, a back-up with a respectable organic fundraiser Huge Cash to level the field with Boebert’s deep MAGA resources:

“We have over $ 1.65 million in our first 50 days to beat Boebert,” Frisch said. “I am raising my own money to support my policy. I deposited a 1.5 million loan into our campaign account, more than $ 230,000 from about 900 contributors, “Fris added.

“As a patriot, businessman, 8-year-old city councilman and family man, I offer a clear alternative that could bring together moderate Republicans, independents and Democrats to retire Boebert and return the seat to reasonable representation,” Frisch added.

“Lauren Boebert is a national joke, a punch line for comedians and an embarrassment for our state. Boebert’s extreme ideas, hate speech, and radical voting record – he has twice in two weeks voted for Vladimir Putin to support Vladimir Putin – the third to the state. By betraying the interests of the people, Boebert must be defeated for the good of the country and he is pretending to represent the good citizens, “Fris said.

“Be careful, Boebert … you’re going to lose,” Frisch added.

Fresh has promised to focus entirely on condemning Boebert instead of campaigning against fellow Democrats in the primary. No matter who you like in that race, that’s enough money to bombard Boebert by paying in his rural district until June 28th – paying dividends to all his opponents.

So it’s a big deal. As Dark helmet Famously said Lonely star“Now let’s see how well you use it.”

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