A heart-warming approval for Heidi Ganahal

Re-enactment of Heidi Ganahl’s Charlie Kirk Approval.

An unfortunate Republican Party’s state assembly will begin tomorrow, the Republican governor candidate Heidi Heidi Ganahal Posted a video clip Extremely controversial right-wing activist last night Charlie KirkKnown as the president of an ultra-right youth organization Turning Point USAGanahal’s campaign supports:

I’ve known Heidi Ganahal for a long time and we’ve done a lot of fun things together over the years.

Before Charlie Kirk does the “fun things” that Heidi has done with Ganahal over the years, we need to start by asking – what happened to Charlie Kirk? This video looks like it was literally shot Inside A drunken tank where Kirk is an involuntary guest, and Kirk thinks he’s in the bender… well, far away. If the goal is to make people like Heidi Ganahal, instead of wondering what kind of perverted bizarre person he hangs out with, he misses the Kirk sign.

How hard is it to pull a comb through your hair before supporting a governor candidate?

Ganahl’s proud reposting last night was a push for many on the left of Kirk’s unwavering approval, but Ganahl is desperate to garner support before tomorrow’s rally, which makes enough sense. We take Charlie Kirk in his words that he has dealt a lot with Ganahal over the years, as Ganahal’s ideological crusade for “diversity of views” (see: CU’s Benson Center) One of Kirk’s own pet problems on the college campus. Ganahl spoke at the so-called TP-USA event, and supported the local chapter on CU’s campus. Like the high-profile right-wing “thought leaders” we’ve seen with Ganahal Dennis Pragar In his campaign event, Ganahal has long been trafficked to these circles.

Assuming Ganahl overcame the hard-charging Republican opponent Daniel Newswanger, Either tomorrow or (probably) June 28, Kirk’s bright and reciprocal support immediately became toxic in the general election. Kirp’s rap sheet of endless lies, embracing all sorts of misinformation about Kovid, and his recent public racist song about forcing “white populations in America” ​​have made him a celebrity in the right-wing MAGA media bubble and An unacceptable person Just everywhere else.

In recent weeks, with the unexpected threat from Daniel Newswanger, Ganahal has become desperate for his conservative truthfulness. From our point of view the mob had nothing to prove on this point, and unnecessarily painted itself in a politically incompetent corner that was running steadily in a blue-tendered state. This burning need to prove that Ganahl is “conservative enough” to survive what should have been a weak initial challenge is to survive his campaign remorse.

That, or this just Ganahl K.– And there’s no point in hiding it.

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